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How It Works

Everything You Need

Getting Started

It all starts with a signup and booking your areas where you want to get the leads from, on average we send around 4-6 referral on monthly basis.

Pre-Screened leads

All the referrals would have already provided with most of their key details, like timeline, budget, any asking price, recent renovations or appraisals etc.

Schedule Appointments

When customers are interested in selling in a time frame of over 30 days. We prefer to schedule an appointment on your behalf within the very next 24 to 48 hours and send you the full recorded conversation, Where they say themself that they are interested in selling and not in contract with another agent.

Live Transfers

If the owner is looking to sell within 30 days, We prefer to introduce you to the owner over the live call. Where they say themself that they are interested in selling and not in contract with another agent.

24/7 Support

We provide our agents with 24/7 support to grow their business Monday – Saturday, 08:00 am to 06:00 pm.


We have about over 400 lead sources for e.g. search engine optimizations, google, yahoo, websites and influencers. Social media advertisement like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Bing, etc.

How It Works


We collect leads from 400 different lead sources like search engine optimizations, google, yahoo, website networks, influencers, bloggers, expired listings, for sales by home owners , etc.


We have a very big department of ISA’s who are calling and verifying all the information that prospects have provided themselves. If we really think that they are genuinely interested in buying or selling, they will be transferred over to realtors.


We try to Live Transfer all the prospects to realtors through a live call or appointments can be scheduled based upon realtors schedule. When customers tell each and everything by themselves that they are looking for.


Buying or selling is probably one of the biggest transactions of anybodys lives. The only way when they are going to buy or sell with you is when they believe that you are going to provide them with the best possible services. Now this is the time to do what you’re best at.


We let you focus more towards closing and less towards marketing generating leads and warming them up ,etc.


Give us our bread and butter which is our 25% and you get to keep the 75%.

Taking Off All Your

If we enclose our services in a nutshell we are taking care of all the leg work like advertisements, generating leads, warming them up and following up with them, etc. In simple words, we connect you with the right customer at the right time with all the key details of what they are looking to accomplish.

So you can focus more towards closing and less towards advertising.